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Nicola Bowers

Nicola Bowers Becomes Trusts First Clinical Academic Nurse Lead!


We're very pleased to share the news about Nicola Bowers' new role at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. 


Nicola has successfully secured a unique job description within her local Trust, as “Clinical Academic Nurse Lead for Integrated Medicine”.


Nicola has been a nurse for over twenty five years and specialised in cardiology and clinical research. She is experienced working as an autonomous clinical practitioner, skilled innovator and dedicated communicator.

She is also the Honorary Secretary for the British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care (BANCC), providing acquisition of appropriate knowledge and skills for competent specialist practice. Recently she has also been appointed as a “Heart Failure Clinical Researcher” for the British Society of Heart Failure (BSH) and “Senior Research Fellow” for Buckinghamshire New University (BNU), a role that incorporates review of proposed clinical research proposals, delivering webinars and providing visiting lecturing for pre and post graduate nurses.

Nicola also provides medicolegal advice and consultancy services to pharmaceutical companies, primary care and allied health care professionals for education and expert opinion on recent national cardiology approved medication and new medicinal devices on education, guidance and clinical trial materials.

Fundamental to her new role is to support teams to integrate clinical research and academia across all divisions across Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, with a view to publishing data to make a difference locally and nationally. This will enable all allied healthcare professionals to deliver the latest evidence based practice to their patients and to promote the NHS as a centre of clinical research excellence.

The Research and Innovation team are proud to have her as a research ambassador for research at BHT.

Contact Nicola for more information about her new role. 




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