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Covid-19 Research

The NIHR was at the forefront of research into COVID-19 - with 101 studies prioritised with Urgent Public Health status and fast tracked for site set-up and delivery by the Clinical Research Network. An astonishing 1,012,485 participants took part in these key studies across the UK, with 905,790 participants recruited in England alone.

Key to the success of these Urgent Public Health studies was the unprecedented speed at which they were set up for delivery. In 2020/21, the NIHR CRN was able to set up the first site for these studies in an average of 3 working days (against a target of 9 working days).

The Research and Innovation Department at BHT took part in and recruited patients to many of the Urgent Public Health England COVID-19 portfolio of studies, but also supported a number of our own projects to support our staff and the wider understanding of COVID-19.


For more information about BHT COVID-19 Research and Innovation projects, see links below.

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