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Alexandra Murray

Alexandra Murray

  • Consultant Plastics & Burns Surgeon

Overview of clinical research, academic background and experience

I have been a consultant in plastic surgery and burns since 2014 – working in Perth (Australia), Nottingham and then substantively at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (BHT) since September 2015. My fellowships training was in the subspeciality fields of microsurgery and burns care, working with world-renowned surgeons at St Vincent’s and The Royal Melbourne Hospitals in Melbourne, and The Victoria State and Western Australian State Burns Services.

My main sub-speciality interest at BHT is burns care – treating adults and children with acute injuries, as well as leading a holistic multi-disciplinary team who provide care throughout the patient’s entire recovery period. This then leads into one of my other key areas of clinical focus which is the impact and management of scarring – related to burn injury, traumatic injury, previous surgery and other causations. We utilise all treatment modalities, including LASER therapy, to enhance the final outcome for patients. I have also established a multidisciplinary team focused on caring for patients with complex abdominal wall and perineal weakness or defects. This is a collaborative cross-speciality team including general surgery and radiology.

I have been focused on research throughout my career and I believe this plays an essential part of providing excellent clinical care. I completed an MD thesis relating to angiogenesis in melanoma and studying the impact of targeting vascularity in tumours. This was completed as a registrar in training in Yorkshire. This research has supported by ongoing involvement in research as well as supervising MSc projects - mainly in the field of burns care.


I have been principal investigator on a number of studies. I have led on the delivery of a prospective randomised clinical trial relating to efficacy of carbon dioxide laser treatment in burns-scarring and continue to support research in my role as clinical lead of the burns service at BHT, with our research fellows and trainees publishing and presenting nationally and internationally.


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