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Clinical Innovation

Clinical innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. Great ideas can (& do) come from all corners of the NHS & you are probably already involved! 

What is clinical innovation & what does it look like?

Clinical innovation is about finding new, better or more effective ways of solving problems.


In health & social care this usually relates to:

  • an identified need

  • a process

  • a new pathway

  • a new medical technology or device   

Some examples of clinical innovation are:

  • Platforms & Apps

  • Clinical guidelines & checklists

  • Pathway redesign

  • Training material

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Genome sequencing

  • Wearable sensors

  • Portable technology

  • Surgical devices

Where do I find support?

  • BHT R+I Clinical Innovation Lead

  • Service Improvement Team

  • Local AHSN

  • NHS England – CoLab portal, Clinical Entrepreneur Programme

  • NIHR – Research Design Service

  • Professional networking events & conferences 

Where can I find funding or resources?

There are lots of funding streams & resources available, for more information click here.

If you would like to discuss support or funding for a clinical innovation idea or would like to find out more about clinical innovation at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, please contact:

Chris Cleaver – Research and Innovation Manager (Clinical innovation lead)

Or please email, telephone 01296 31 6305 or contact us on Twitter @BHTInnovation

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