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Research Aims

What are the aims of research?

- to develop new treatments & medicines

- to prevent illnesses

- to improve quality of life

- to improve our understanding of the causes & developments of medical conditions

- to understand the emotional & physical support needed by people living with medical conditions.

What are the benefits of research for patients?

There is a body of evidence that suggests for certain conditions, patients involved in research have a better long term prognosis & also benefit from new treatments including drug therapies.

Whilst participating in any clinical trial your health will be closely monitored. Any changes in your health are picked up due to the study visits, even changes not directly related to your condition or therapy are noted.

What types of research do we do?

We are involved with different types of research studies, including:

- clinical trials – investigate a drug, surgery, or medical device in healthy volunteers or people who have a specific disease

- genetic studies – find the role of genes in different diseases

- behavioural studies – test how people act in different ways

- observational studies – where a group of people is observed for many years

- physiological studies – to better understand how the human body functions

- prevention studies – test ways to prevent specific conditions or diseases

- public health research – aims to improve the health & wellbeing of people from a population-level perspective; it can be one, or a combination of the above types of research

Take part in research & you:

How to get involved

- will have more contact with medical professionals than you would normally do

- will have more opportunities to learn about your medical condition

- will be helping others & possibly yourself, by identifying more effective treatments

- may learn ways to help you to better manage your condition

- may feel as if you are taking a more active role in your healthcare.


Also, many of our patients who have taken part in research have found it a positive & rewarding process.

If you would like to find out more information about the clinical trials open in the Trust, please view the specialty areas.


- Or search be part of research here 

Find out more about how you can get involved in research below:

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