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Cancer & Haematology Research

Haematology is the study of the physiology of blood and the diseases associated with it and Oncology is the study of all types of cancer.

Each year, hundreds of patients take part in cancer & haematology research within Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. Research means better treatment and services for people in our region.

The Cancer & Haematology Research team work closely with the oncology & haematology medical teams to recruit patients to our trials and monitor them closely throughout their cancer journey.

Some of the many reasons to get involved in research projects are:

  • You can help us improve outcomes for people in future

  • You can help us understand the causes & development of cancer

  • You can help us find new ways to treat cancer & improve quality of life for those living with cancer

  • You can help us develop new treatments

Overview of types of studies open to volunteers

We have a portfolio of phase 2 & 3 studies recruiting patients across different tumour groups.


The trials vary and may include the following:

  • Studies involving medicines which entails testing new medicines or combining medicines already used as part of cancer treatment in different ways.

  • Hormone treatment studies which involves the use of hormones to treat cancer.

  • Radiotherapy studies which aim to help us improve treatments & reduce side effects. Patients are referred to a radiotherapy centre.

  • Questionnaire studies which involve completing quality of life, environmental factors or family history questionnaires to look at how cancer and/or treatments affect you.

  • Genetics studies which helps us find genes that may cause or increase the risk of cancer.

  • Biobanking studies which involves donating tissue or blood samples for future research studies.

  • Surgery studies which help us evaluate better ways of managing cancer surgically.


If you are interested in taking part in any of our studies or want more information, please email or telephone 01296 31 6305

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