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I am looking to fund my research


Project funding must be secured before you submit for regulatory approvals.

There are a number of sources to fund your project which you will find here and more information about specific funding requirements and funding streams below.

NIHR funding - key requirements

- NIHR funding must be for applied projects in health and social care with real impact in the short to mid term

- Must focus on current or emerging health or social care needs in the UK only

- Application must describe the pathway to implementation and impact in the NHS

- Funding is typically limited to projects of 3 years duration

- May require an NHS partner organisation

- Two stage application process

- Must demonstrate meaningful patient and public involvement in its development

- Timescale to access funds > 12 months

i4i and AI funding - key requirements

- Awards for current or emerging healthcare needs in the UK

- Must be a collaboration between at least 2 organisations (not required for i4i connect or i4i FAST)

- For high innovation

- Must involve protectable IP

- Must be proof of concept stage

- Realistic commercialisation plan

Current NIHR funding streams


1. NIHR Invention for Innovation (i4i)

i) i4i Product Development Awards 

- Awards available from £500K to £1.5m 

- For development of a new device or product

- Twice yearly call

ii) i4i Connect Awards

- Pump priming award up to £150K

- Yearly call

iii) i4i Challenge Awards

- Awards available from £500K to £1.5m

- For implementation of a new technology

- Yearly call

iv) i4i FAST Awards

- New funding stream

- Fast turnaround funding for SMEs

Click here for more information about NIHR i4i awards

2. NIHR Artificial Intelligence (AI) Awards

- AI funding awards for Artificial Intelligence and digital technologies

- Awards available from £500K to £1.5m

i) Artificial Intelligence in Health and Care Award (AI Award)

ii) Artificial Intelligence for Multiple Long-Term Conditions (Multimorbidity) call (AIM)

iii) Artificial Intelligence and Racial and Ethnic Inequalities in Health and Care call


Click here for more information about NIHR AI award.

Click here for NIHR funding overview.

Click here for other funding sources.

Click here to horizon scan current funding calls

Or for more information please contact:



01296 41 8124​

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