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I need help with my research protocol

What is a research protocol?

A research protocol is a detailed plan of a study and is an essential part of a research project.

A research protocol should give a full description of the research study and will act as a ‘manual’ for members of the research team to ensure everyone adheres to the methods outlined. As the study gets underway, it can then be used to monitor the study’s progress and evaluate its outcomes.

Where can I find help with my research protocol?

More information about the research protocol and templates can be found here.

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) also funds the Research Design Service (RDS) to provide research design and methodological support to health and social care researchers across England. Whether you are new to writing research protocols or not, we would advise requesting support from the RDS early in the study planning process. Advice is confidential and free of charge. 

You can request support from the RDS here.

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