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Jan's Story

What type of study are you taking part in?

“It’s an eye study called Cleopatra looking at diabetic retinopathy.”


What do you have to do?

“Wear a blindfold! It’s like a mask & you have to drop a plastic thing in it which takes some getting used to. Mine was non-light but some had lights, green lights. I had to wear it every night for two years but I still wear it because the car headlights shine in to my bedroom & it keeps the lights out of my eyes, but I’ve taken the plastic thing out now.”


What are the benefits of taking part to you?

“I’ve had my eyes so well looked after by the staff at Stoke Mandeville. It’s been second to none & I’ve had extra research appointments where I’ve been seen really quickly. I have to have laser treatment on little bleeds behind the eye & they can do that straight away here as part of my appointment but if I went to Hemel I’d have to have a second appointment & come to Stoke for the treatment anyway.”


What would you say to anyone thinking about taking part in research?

“Do it, don’t think about it. If you don’t benefit others will. The treatment & staff in this hospital have been brilliant. It’s not scary, it’s been good fun & I’ve been so well looked after by Judith & all the staff here. Fantastic!”

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