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John's Story

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

“My name’s John. I’m 70 & I live in Beaconsfield. I was treated for bowel cancer & have had operations on my liver, bowel & chemotherapy in the past year. Everyone has been fantastic”


Why is clinical research important to you?

“Because they check you regularly, every two weeks which is a bonus & if it helps somebody else then that’s a good thing. There’s so much coming out all the time, people shouldn’t think the worst, be positive.”


What type of study are you taking part in?

“I take either aspirin or a placebo, we don’t know, for 8 weeks. They give me a box once a month, I don’t know what’s in it & I have a diary to fill in every day. They want to know if I don’t take a tablet & say why.”


How did you find out about the trial?

“The doctor told me about it. I was invited to take part by Dr Weaver at one of my clinic appointments.”


What are the benefits of taking part to you?

“More checks are carried out, I’m kept an eye on. The research nurses call me every two weeks to check how I am & see if there are any problems. Extra blood samples are taken every month by the research nurses. They’re very good with the darts. I’ll be followed up for 5 years so if anything does show its face it’ll be found earlier. It’s self-preservation. It gives you peace of mind. There’s nothing to be afraid of, I like it”

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