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RECOVERY Trial Top 10!

Research team among UK's top recruiting trusts to Covid-19 RCT

Research team praised by Chief Executive Neil MacDonald after it emerged they are one of the top 10 recruiting trusts in the UK for the RECOVERY Trial. The Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust CEO tweeted: "Research into this terrible pandemic is of critical importance." The tweet has now been shared 18 times & liked by over 100 people!


Since receiving the green light to open The RECOVERY Trial, led by Dr Raha West, the Research & Innovation team have randomised nearly 100 patients into the trial putting them 7th nationally, a fantastic achievement & well deserved recognition for the whole team.

Dr West added: "My team and I have been working extremely hard to contribute every way we can to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our patients and families have been absolutely incredible in supporting us. All of our healthcare professional staff including, the research, medical, anaesthetic, ICU and microbiology teams, pharmacists and ward nurses have all been completely on board in helping us in this study, while at the same time working very hard on the frontline. We urge our patients and the public to continue to support us so that we can quickly find treatments to help people recover from COVID-19."


There is currently no treatment other than Oxygen therapy for COVID-19. The RECOVERY Trial (Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy) is testing a range of known treatments for other conditions to evaluate if any of them help people recover from COVID-19 when compared to standard hospital care that all patients receive. 

More information about the trial & the drugs being used, can be found here.

COVID-19 research portfolio

The Research & Innovation team are currently recruiting patients at BHT to two other urgent COVID-19 studies; the ISARIC CCP-UK study, a Public Health research study aiming to understand more about COVID-19, which more than 150 patients at BHT are taking part in & CovidSurg, a study looking to understand the outcomes of COVID-19 infected patients who undergo surgery.

And with more research studies & innovation projects in the pipeline - we're so proud of the fabulous effort that the entire Research & Innovation team have made rising to the challenges they have faced since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Follow us on twitter @BHTResearch or search hashtag #BHTResearch or #BHTInnovation



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