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Diabetes Research

Diabetes is a condition in which the levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood become too high due to a poor or complete lack of insulin. Sustained high glucose levels in the blood can damage your heart, eyes, feet & kidneys.


With the correct treatment & care, these levels can be kept within a healthy range, reducing the risk of future health problems.


There are several different types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 diabetes - this affects 10% of people in the UK

  • Type 2 diabetes - this affects 90% of people in the UK

  • Gestational diabetes - this affects women who are pregnant, who then may be more likely to develop type 2 diabetes in the future.

  • There are also other types of diabetes –MODY, LADA & neonatal diabetes which are less common.


At Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, the diabetes team includes specialist doctors, nurses, midwives, dietitians & podiatrists. The diabetes ward is located at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, ward 7.


There are consultant led adult clinics as well as nurse led clinics. There are also specific clinics for paediatrics & adolescents plus clinics for patients using insulin pumps & antenatal clinics specifically for women with diabetes.

Overview of types of studies open to volunteers

 We are currently running:

  • Studies for newly diagnosed patients with Type 1, Type 2 or unknown type of diabetes to learn more about why people develop diabetes, how we can diagnose them earlier & more accurately & how we can predict & provide the most effective treatment for them to reduce the risk of the long term effects of diabetes.

  • A study specifically for women with diabetes which aims to increase the choices of insulin available to women which can be used safely & effectively during pregnancy.


If you are interested in taking part in any of our studies or want more information, please email or telephone 01296 31 6305

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