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I need support with my grant application


What is a grant application?

A research grant application is a sales pitch aimed at convincing a funder that your idea is important to them, that your suggested approach is good enough, that it is good value for money and that your team have the expertise to successfully deliver it.

It isn't:

- A research paper

- A research protocol

- An ethics application

It is:

- An application for money

- Competitive

- A sales pitch

Four propositions to consider when writing your grant application. Everything you include in your grant application should support one or more of these;

Its importance = the project is important

Its success = the project can answer the question

Its value = the project is good value for money

Your competence = your team can deliver it

Key points to remember when writing your grant application

1. You have about 20 minutes (or less) to sell your grant application to a panel

2. The lay summary and / or the scientific abstract is key. Sometimes this is the only part of the application read by the committee

3. Remember grammar, grammar, grammar because the panel will make judgements from the start

4. Do not give textbook answers - E.g. what is thematic analysis or grounded theory. Assume that the expert panel know this already

Where can I find support with my grant application?

For NIHR funded grants, request support from your local Research Design Service here

If you are looking for general support writing your grant application, click here

What grants are out there?

If you are looking to fund your research, click here

Or for more information please contact:



01296 41 8124​

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